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Tameable Polar Bears Addon

Polar Bears are one of the new mobs in version 1.

удочка polar bears

They are neutral animals which can be found spawning in snow biomes. They will follow you around and even allow you to ride them.

Удилище телескопическое Polarbear 700

MitchellDawud03, Twitter Account Updated: To tame a polar bear you will need some raw fish. Hold a fish in your hand to control the direction. You can get a.

удочка polar bears

ZIP file for this addon here. I found out that when you tame two or more polar bears with this addon, the tamed polar bears start attacking each other and only one survives.

удочка Polar bear 7H 4.5

What should I do. Good, but on the 1. I need to have my bears!!.

удочка polar bears

I tried to tame the polar bear. Coordinates Unlocker Addon 4 Nov, Husk Boss Mod 24 May, January 2, at 3: January 3, at January 9, at 4: March 29, at 4: January 29, at February 10, at 4: February 23, at February 25, at 1: February 25, at 9: March 4, at 8: March 13, at 7: April 2, at 2: April 6, at 2: May 6, at 3: June 24, at 3: June 17, at 8: July 12, at 2: July 20, at 1: December 3, at 4: February 25, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Your rating: Login Sign Up Submission.

удочка polar bears

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    удочка polar bears

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