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Радар Raymarine Quantum Q24C с кабелем 10м T70243

I also got to see how well Raymarine navigation networks can handle dual radar scanners and how sophisticated their WiFi has become. And finally I hope to spank Ray about its annoyingly overprotective MARPA alarms though that situation could be easily fixed in software ;- …. Not all retail outlets are clear about the differences, and the WiFi-only model presents a conundrum for installs where the WiFi connection may be dicey. More on the WiFi next, and note the Quantum SSID and Passcode on the label above, but before we leave this collage, also note the multiple bolt locations to fit different radar mounts. So this was a first in my marine electronics installation experience, and it may have taken more than one try because my old brain is not good at copying meaningless passwords. It would be nice if Ray let you click a box to make the password visible, like many modern apps do, but the bigger news is that once my test Quantum connected with the eS display, it has run rock solid for over two months.

Цены на Raymarine Quantum™

If in doubt, it would seem prudent to purchase a WiFi-only Quantum with return privileges. Once you teach one network MFD how to connect with a Quantum, it teaches the others. Can any other MFD do that. I can also picture how the Ray way could work nicely on a boat without a separate router; you could sort of get the triple WiFi connection I experienced simply by switching your phone to hotspot mode, or fully by having two mobile devices, no changes needed on the Ray MFD.

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  • Both radars are available on both MFDs, even for simultaneous use. And note how the power button dialog box above lets you Power Down either radome as well as switch them back and forth between Standby and Transmit. I do know that the only way I could run the current Furuno and Garmin MFDs on Gizmo with their radars shut down would be to put them on separate power switches, which seems crude. In this case the automatic performance was looking pretty good and also pretty similar, though I found that the Quantum was the one that could be improved by manually lowering the Gain. The real point of the photo is to show how the Gain, as well as Sea and Rain filter, can be seen and adjusted right on the touchscreen. The RDHD and other Ray radars offer the same controls if you choose to display them in Presentation Menu and they work pretty well for me. I have not yet felt the need to change those presets. Note a fairly full set of Presentation choices, and that Echo Trails of various time periods are available elsewhere.

    raymarine quantum 24 размеры

    Now here are the two radars head-to-head at nm range, though the screenshot seems to have been caught just before the HD image completely filled in. In practice the 20 Watt Quantum is not better than the 4 kiloWatt radome at longer ranges, but it seems nearly as good, even though the Quantum is mounted about 8 feet lower. This screen also shows how you overlay AIS onto radar screens if you want, and that Ray is properly showing synthetic AIS aids to navigation which have even come to Maine. Unfortunately, most of HD to Quantum comparison screenshots did not capture the full screens, maybe because of the unsychronized scanning, but this image is true. I intend to document more radar comparisons and also to move the Quantum to the mast, but onboard obstructions do seem a factor with this radar. Meanwhile, seen on the chart overlay side is their motion relative to Gizmo motoring along at nearly 8 knots. Note that one of those sailors either had significant local knowledge or took a chance with Merriman Ledge. While the graphic display of how their MARPA alarm works is excellent, note that you cannot turn it off like you can the AIS alarms and that the minimal settings are 0.

    raymarine quantum 24 размеры

    So if I target an approaching vessel a few miles away and the information helps me determine that a close pass is safe, I will still get alarmed. The Simrad open array Halo is another candidate for Doppler update, and rumor has it that Garmin will be bringing their Doppler Fantom tech to radomes fairly soon. This article was syndicated from Panbo: The Marine Electronics Hub. Your email address will not be published.

    raymarine quantum 24 размеры

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    Raymarine QUANTUM Q24W Радар

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