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моторная лодка шкипер с-280т фото лодочные прицепы эльмаш в нижнем новгороде
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But not if you want to talk to Ben.

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My first attempts were rather futile, until this happened. You have no answer.

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As this conversation went off the rails, I decided to try again, using the same starting words. The Elegy of Emptiness. Dawn of a New Day. Again the conversation veered.

клевербот на русском крипипаста

Yes, he is building a flying machine right now. Did Majora kill him. Do you know who killed him. Are you a machine. No, I am BEN. How do you know that.

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It had to be done. Why did you kill BEN.

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And in this next bit, it changes yet again. After that, more nonsense begun, but as you can see, I used Ben, only capitalizing the first letter.

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  • He chose to use all capitals. Cleverbot insists on occasion that it is the one who killed Ben, and never gives a reason. Did you kill Ben.

    клевербот на русском крипипаста

    I found this next bit interesting. I closed the page and went back on after a while. This is the beginning:.

    He is with me. That was the end of my searching on Cleverbot, I might try again tomorrow, out of interest and to see what else is to be said. Pictures have been provided mostly as proof. I hope you enjoyed this, and I would appreciate it if you could send me any curious incidents you have witnessed on Cleverbot.

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    This is just something else amusing that happened, my own name is Kate and my boyfriends is Sam, and this happened: Games Movies TV Wikis. The Elegy of Emptiness Cleverbot: Dawn of a New Day User: Is BEN with you. No he is not.

    клевербот на русском крипипаста

    No, I drowned, you killed me. Can I help you Ben. What did he do. This is the beginning: Bye for now, Moki. Retrieved from " http:.

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